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Nov 12

Static Website Hosting

Posted: November 12, 2016

Amazon S3 Website Hosting for Small Business

What is a Static Website?

This simply means the website does not depend on any special scripts or databases running on the server in order to render your website pages out to the Internet. Many websites require a database to manage the content. These databases also require a script running on the server to allow the web page to dynamically render a web page to load in the browser each time the page is requested by a user. This requires additional processing power and extra security to handle. Static web pages can still have great functionality using third party services instead. That is how the comments section of this website work. This website is static and is hosted at Amazon S3.

This article will step you through the process of setting up static website hosting at Amazon Web Serves (AWS) using Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3).

Nov 12

Choose the Best Hosting Service

Posted: November 12, 2016

Website Hosting for a Small Business Website

Website hosting companies provide services that allow you to get your website published online. This includes the actual servers that host your website, services for sending and receiving email, domain name registration, and other networking requirements to get your website up and running. They do not provide the content for your website nor provide the labor to build and maintain your website. Hosting services come in many different sizes and varieties. Choosing the right hosting company and hosting plan is not easy unless you understand a little about how hosting works and what they are offering. You need a reputable service, but you may not need all the services they are offering. I will explain some of the geek speak, and break down the things you need to know in order to choose a quality hosting company and select the proper hosting plan for your website.

I think you will be surprised to learn that you can find quality hosting services at a low cost.

Nov 11

Register a Domain Name

Posted: November 11, 2016

Register a Domain Name

A domain name is your trademark on the Internet. It is the human readable address used to find your website, for example It is what you want people to remember and what you want people to find when they search on the Internet. As important as it is, you do not need to spend a lot of money to obtain one. It can be as little as $12 a year. It is easy to register your domain name, but not very easy to choose the right one.

This article will describe how domain names work, how to choose one, and how to register one for your website and email.