Who is LampApps

Small Business helping Small Business

LampApps was a small web development company located in Charleston, SC. A one man shop that provided other small businesses with development, hosting, email, and local SEO services at a fair price for many years. I prided myself on great customer service.

I know the challenges for a small business to navigate the complexities of establishing and maintaining a professional web presence. This often leads to small start ups to do it themselves, or pay to have it done by someone else.

My goal is to share what I have learned helping others with their websites, email, and local SEO, often using high quality free or low cost services that I have used in my business. I often leveraged open source products in my business, passing along savings to my clients.

Not everything is free and quality can cost money. Somethings can not be jeopardized especially when it comes to financial transactions on the Internet. This website extends what I have learned to you in hopes that you benefit from it.